A Chef’s Perspective


Ryan Sessions

Ryan Sessions is Head Chef and owner of Fen restaurant in Port Fairy—a stone’s throw from our Narrawong abalone farm.

Fen has built a reputation as a ‘must-visit’ regional restaurant on the rugged South West Victorian coastline. Awarded two chefs hats in the 2017 Age Good Food Guide, Ryan has recently crafted a dish built around Yumbah abalone.

“He’s one of a growing band of Australian chefs using native ingredients intelligently as a matter of course, not as a novelty.” wrote John Lethlean, in The Australian.

At Yumbah we are delighted that our beautiful product features so prominently in the menu of this renowned restaurant. The dish features Yumbah Ablaone, eel from Skipton and shiitake mushroom from Otways Shiitake.

“It tells a story of the coast and the land of this region,” Sessions says. “It’s a dish that is very regional and has a connection with the Aboriginal people of the land.”

You can read John Lethlean’s review of the Yumbah abalone inspired dish here. ‘Flavour of the month: Home-grown abalone

This article first appeared in The Australian, 16 March 2017.


Jen Risk

Yumbah enthusiast and passionate cook Jen Risk has long been using Yumbah abalone in her recipes. She praises the versatility of the product and particularly loves the convenience of the snap frozen abalone. “There are just so many ways to use the product. I find using the whole fish including the roe adds an extra depth of flavour to many of my recipes”. Try Jen’s minced abalone, a great hors d’oeuvre that really showcases how easy and delicious Yumbah abalone is.