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Yumbah has carefully sited its farms in isolated areas where the vast and ancient continent of Australia meets the Great Southern Ocean. We are privileged to work in beautiful locations such as Bicheno, Narrawong, Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island.

Deep sea currents from Antarctic canyons make their way north and carry with them an abundance of nutrients. Yumbah draws upon these waters to grow its abalone. This is the famous Bonney Upwelling. For millennia, whales have swum and fed in these life-giving waters and are regularly sighted from our farms during their annual migration.

We feed our abalone sustainably with Yumbah Aquafeed that we produce in Lonsdale, South Australia.

Yumbah Marketing, which manages the AUSAB brand and is responsible for Yumbah sales, completes the journey from ocean to customer.

Bicheno, Tasmania

Nestled in a region known as the jewel of Tasmania's East Coast - north of the Freycinet Peninsula and just south of the Bay of Fires - Bicheno is famous for its world-class scuba diving, abundant marine life and crystal clear water.



Established in 1999 near the tiny hamlet of Narrawong, the site sits along a secluded beach at the north-eastern end of Portland Bay on Victoria's rugged far south west coast. This dramatic and beautiful coastline is characterised by ancient volcanic lava deposits, limestone cliffs and spectacular headlands that endure the most powerful Southern Ocean swells.


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, is home to a variety of native wildlife including sea lions, koalas, birds and whales. In Smith Bay, home to Yumbah Kangaroo Island, Southern Right Whales return regularly to calve.


Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln on the south coast of South Australia is known as the "Seafood Capital of Australia" - renowned for its tuna, kingfish and abalone. Established in 1993 at nearby Point Boston, lies the home of Yumbah Point Lincoln.


Central Processing

Opened in November 2017, Yumbah Aquaculture’s Central Processing Facility in Wingfield, South Australia will process more than 600 tonnes of abalones per annum.



Established in February 2017, Yumbah Aquafeeds manufactures and produces custom-made abalone feed for its four abalone farms at its facility at Lonsdale in Adelaide’s south.