Our Name

In the search for a name that spoke to our core coastal values we came across a reference from R.L. Dawson’s Early Recollections and Records of the Clarence Aborigines; describing an Aboriginal word Yumbah as ‘a rough edible shellfish the size of a man’s hand that clings to rocks and is similar to an oyster’.

After months of research we found and met with Eileen McLeay, Traditional Custodian for the Yaygirr Language group, who granted us permission to use “Yumbah” as our company name. Yumbah is proud to sponsor ongoing research into the Yaygirr language and does so in conjunction with the Yaegl Local Aboriginal Land Council.

When it comes to sustainability Yumbah’s philosophy is inspired by the traditional indigenous practices that date back tens of thousands of years. For centuries, they have demonstrated an understanding of and a care for the natural environment that sustains us all. Our name reflects the respect we have for the pristine Southern Ocean and the plethora of animals that call it home.